Nobody wants software

Who downloads an app just to get an app?
Or visits a website to see a website?


People don’t want software.

They want to be informed, entertained, even amazed.
To get things done, and make life manageable.
To connect with good people, and new experiences.

Creating meaningful moments through digital
is more than pixels and code.

It’s strategy & design in the lead,
without losing the beauty & emotion
that turn good into great.

The tech is the easy part.
Making those moments connect?
That’s hard to get right.

But that's what we’re here for.
We bring it all together to turn back-of-napkin ideas
into more than just software.
We make experiences with heart.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then we should definitely talk.


Denim&Steel Interactive

Fresh works

PLAN-Y Service Directory

A mobile service guide for youth living in a rural and remote part of BC. Read the case study.

The Megaphone App

iOS and Android apps to boost Megaphone Magazine vendor sales by opening their businesses up to cashless payments. Read the case study.

ReCollect Sorting Game

Our work with ReCollect teaches kids (and some adults) waste sorting rules in a game where learning builds a beautiful, crazy park. Read the case study.

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How we can help

Emerging and established businesses turn to us for help in branding and interactive when they need to go beyond the technology.

Our process explores the business, social, and cognitive/emotional dimensions of everything we make. It not only produces better products, but deepens our clients’ understanding of their own business, and their customers.

Our point of entry is usually one or more of the following:

Concept & Strategy

Validation, ideation, and roadmap planning for new ideas.

Identity Kit

Branding and initial online presence for emerging products.

Product Development

Creative design and production for apps & websites.

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We occasionally blog about our work and how things can be made better. Our latest post is about how qualitative data tells you nothing without a qualitative context.


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