Hello, World

by Todd

A blog is born. Not just any blog, but a rather lean blog. As with our website, we went minimal, without a fancy CMS. The reason is simple, and speaks to a big part of why we started Denim & Steel.

Blogs these days come with lots of infrastructure. Managed permalinks, comments, themes, text editors, you name it. All sorts of things that have been stacked up on the idea of a blog since Moveable Type kicked off the revolution. We admire that legacy, we salute it and we enjoy it every day we find something interesting that someone out there has written and shared.

But we’re looking to build new things, without assumptions of what must be. This morning I shook my head as I read about the Voyager space probes and the fact that they’ve explored the gas giant planets of our solar system with computers running 4k of memory. 4k. It reminded me that humanity went to the moon with a computer using only 13k. To the moon, on 13k. In that spirit, our blog does just 4 things: an index page, single post pages, generates a short link for sharing and pulls in tweets about each post, should tweets occur.

Honest, to the point and without a lot of fanfare. That’s the Denim & Steel blog, named Blog, and it’s a cornerstone of the philosophy that we’re gradually getting words around. But for now there are other things to do, and more words to come.