Open Data Day - What I'll Be Working On

by Tylor

Open Data Day was a highlight for me last year, there was a lot of great energy and it was fun to see projects come together in such a short time. It was good to connect with people working on open data in Vancouver and I even contributed a blog post delving into the City of Vancouver’s Business Licence data.

This year I’m going to be working on a small application that has a focus on local transit. Todd and I have been playing around with the idea of a social web app, in the spirit of Karen Quinn Fung’s Adopt-A-Stop, that focuses on commenting at bus stops and using the GTFS feed provided by Translink to include timely stop info. We think that, in their own way, bus stops are a hitching post or hub in our city and adding a simple social layer for bored travellers could be pretty interesting.

Our goal is to get something that is lightweight, looks good, has a small campaign around it, and can be easily setup so other cities can host their own copy.

To get involved this December 3rd, check out the Open Data Day website and the Wiki. Also be sure to check out the Open Food Hack Day sprint being hosted by our friends at Foodtree. Excited to see what might happen this year.