Trick or Treat

by Tylor

A few weeks ago, Bing Thom Architects started a small mapping experiment to get a rough sense of the number of trick or treaters in Vancouver this year. The setup was simple: encourage people to tweet @BTArchitects or message their Facebook page with the number of visitors and the nearest cross street. They also started a hashtag for others to follow along.

In all, they received 16 responses from a variety of neighbourhoods and mapped the data using Google Fusion Tables. They also posted an excellent writeup where they discussed the results.

Watching the experiment was a lot of fun and we wanted to riff on the data a little more, above is a map created in TileMill and hosted on Mapbox (update: this is an image now) to try and take the project a little further. We added markers that vary in size by the number of trick or treaters, tooltips that contain people’s responses, and put everything on a simple background so they stand out.

Unfortunately the responses were few, but we’re excited to see what might happen next year.