Forum One with Monique (Trottier) Sherrett

by Todd

Last Friday we held the first event of our Forum speaker series, and couldn’t be happier with how it went off. With a mix of familiar and new faces gathered, we ate, drank and got in touch with our sense of smell with a highly interactive talk by Monique (Trottier) Sherrett.

Monique opened by describing some lesser-known aspects of our sense of smell, such as its physiological relationship to memory, and taught us the how to properly take in a scent. She then produced an array of scent strips for everyone to sample and to test their own abilities to identify odours that we had encountered before but sometimes had a hard time identifying.

A lively discussion grew out of Monique’s talk that took us further inside the fragrance industry and even to the origins of the ingredients used in common perfumes and colognes.

Last Friday was exactly what we’d hoped for: insight and inspiration from a subject beyond our daily routines. At the suggestion of one person who couldn’t attend, we considered recording the event to share after, but decided not to in order to keep our own focus on being present. For now, we’re going to follow that idea to see where it takes us.

Coming Up

John Wellwood

Next time we’ll feature professional storyteller John Wellwood. His talk will be of special interest to UX designers who are discovering the role of storytelling in design, and it will be a unique chance to learn this skill from a pro.

Of special note is that shuffling schedules brought Monique’s and John’s talks only a week apart, and we’ve decided to re-schedule John’s to January 11, a Wednesday. Please join us.