Next Forum - The Art of Storytelling

by Todd

John Wellwood

If you’ve been reading in the realms of UX and product design, web design or branding lately, you’ve likely noticed storytelling and narrative rising as a rediscovered resource. In a world of soundbites and blipvertisements, we seemed to lose sight of the way stories hold together and set the course for how we live our lives. And now we’re keen to get it back.

It’s heartening to see managers and designers of all kinds embracing the human-scale art of storytelling in their work. Looking past the immediate interaction or the single sale or impression is a sure way to build better, deliver more value and win all around.

So we’re very excited about our next Forum, coming January 11. Our speaker is John Wellwood, who not only tells the stories of people, families and companies for a living, he also helps them find the story they never knew they lived. His methods blend intuition, principles of narrative and a unique way of visualizing life stories that brings out their essence for the telling.

If you’re interested in narrative as a tool in your work, John’s talk is not to be missed. Register today and we’ll save a seat for you.

About Forum

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