Introducing Browser Wink

by Todd

Browser Wink Logo

April has been a big month for us. At the start of it we decided to make our theme for the month ‘Finish’. We had some lingering side projects started before getting very busy with client work, but their unfinished, or at least unpublished states were bothering us. So we made a big push to first get Beardspotter out, followed by This Is Our Stop (both to great response, but especially TIOS). And now we have a third side project to share: Browser Wink.

Wink is a simple, open-source tool for web developers built to save them time and to spare their clients the painful exercise of providing browser details during debugging. We built this in an afternoon and the first time we used it we likely saved ourselves a half hour and our client a number of tedious emails or phone calls.

If you ever have the problem of a client saying they see something broken when it looks just fine to you, use Browser Wink to close that issue faster. We also wrote up a case study with a few more details, but what you really want to do is to see it in action and then to download the code and make it yours, too.

That’s it for April, and for side-project launches for now (To-do: a better name than side-project for these things).

Update: Boris suggested that we call them inventions. Now, why didn’t we think of that?