Call For Interest - Digital Storytelling Unconference

by Todd

At our January forum, John Wellwood talked about the potential for digital storytelling. Afterwards, a small working group formed from attendees gathered every two weeks to discuss possible ways to explore the emerging blend of digital media and storytelling practice.

With ourselves, Kaishin Chu and John from Echo Memoirs, the discussions have been fruitful. But to turn those discussions into something more we’ve realized the interest needs a wider space and more fertile ground to grow.

Wondering about the best way to bring what we’ve learned so far to others, and to hear what they had to say, we realized the ideal format already existed: the venerable unconference format.

A quick web search shows we’re not the first to think about this, but it would be a first for Vancouver and a first for a focus on how digital tools and culture intersect with storytelling. Rather than a place to tell stories, this is more about bringing together people from what John calls ‘hard culture/soft culture’ (digital and analog) to see how traditional storytelling practice can inform digital tool-making, and what emerging opportunities digital tools offer storytellers.

We’re thinking about a June or July date, but pulling it together by then is no small task. So at this point we’re putting the word out to find out if there’s interest in attending, presenting or organizing, and to go from there if there’s enough heat to build a fire around this topic.

If you’re interested in attending, presenting at, or even helping organize a digital storytelling unconference, please get in touch through our Twitter handle, or email us at