Next Forum - Emily Smith

by Todd

Most of us think about where our stuff comes from as consumers: whatever we have, we buy at a some kind of store. Some of us might wonder where that stuff comes from or how it’s made, but many don’t. But some people go further than thinking about it, they actually make their own stuff, from scratch.

Makers have always existed, but the wonder of what they do is hard to detect in a sea of mass produced products. Maybe that’s why they’ve been growing their communities: finding each other to inspire, be inspired, and to share the fruits of their ingenuity.

Emily Smith has been at the centre of Vancouver’s own growing Maker community as founder of Maker Foundation and Director of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. She’ll join us to share her experience in helping bring like-minded people together, and about some of the incredible things that people are making in their homes and workshops.

We hope you’ll join us on April 25. Space is limited, so you’ll want to register today.

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