Hello I'm Angela

by Angela

One week ago today I came across this retweet from Roland Tanglao. Right away I thought to myself - I wonder if I’m up for this?

A little history: New city, new adventures. I moved to Vancouver two years ago to pursue my interest in coffee culture. It wasn’t so much an interest in coffee as it was what I thought a step in the right direction as a designer. Generally, most of the designers I meet were baristas before they made it in design: I figured I could give it a try.

Vancouver has great weather and awesome coffee. I had my first coffee experience the day before my interview with JJ Bean! Fast forward: I met Roland at JJ Bean Woodwards last year while working for the cafe. We would often discuss favourite iPhone photography apps, and he’d show me the latest and greatest on the many gadgets strung about his neck. When I left JJ to pursue the field of design I added as many of my coffee-loving friends to the various social media networks we have become accustomed to.

I decided to investigate the Denim and Steel folks and the internship they were tweeting about. I liked how they sounded from their site and based on that hoped I might fit in. I wrote them right away and awaited a reply. Much to my surprise it came that very same day, that was last Monday evening.

After meeting Tylor and Todd for a lovely chat over coffee on Friday morning, thanks to social media I was accepted as their intern (paid intern). I’m currently sitting at the same table as Tylor and Todd, I’m quite nervous and very excited to be learning again.

Let’s get into it!