Introducing This Is Our Stop

by Todd

This Is Our Stop Stickers

Another week, another release of a side project. Where Beardspotter was a just for fun kind of thing, we’re especially excited to share This Is Our Stop, a mobile web app that creates social networks around individual bus stops in Vancouver.

This project brings together so much of what we’re interested in: web, social, mobile, physical-digital connections, and how open data makes new things possible. The project has already caught some attention, notably by Dan Misener writing in the Globe & Mail. Though it’s described as a startup, we want to emphasize that this is a side-project and not an official new business. We like doing lots of things, but we’re not ready to make that jump quite yet.

We owe special acknowledgement to Karen Quinn Fung who planted the seed for the original idea. And to Sam Dal Monte who partnered with us to contribute the visual design, and also brought insights into making the interaction design better. We also want to thank Translink for opening up the data for their bus stops and schedules, and to note that the project is not affiliated or endorsed in any way by Translink.

In Vancouver with a smartphone? Point it at and plug in the 5-digit stop number, then have some fun. Like our other side projects, it’s open source so we’d love it if others forked it and took it in new directions.

There’s much more detail in the case study found in our Work section.