Next Forum - Haig Armen

by Todd

Haig Armen

There’s something special about a talented musician who can make something beautiful happen with what looks like so little effort. But behind nimble fingers and a good ear there’s a rich world of thought that touches so much more than just our ears.

Our next Forum will take us there with Haig Armen leading a discussion about music, composition and their intersections with design. Haig is not only an accomplished musician but a professor of interaction design at Emily Carr and a pioneer in the interactive technology experiments from the early days of the web.

Tickets are on sale now for this June 28 gathering, where once again we’ll pull up the comfy chairs, dim the lights and put out some food and drink for an evening of learning and conversation. We hope to see you there.

About Forum

Forum is our speaker series that features a small group in our comfortable studio space with food and drink provided. The format emphasizes interaction with speakers and a focus on topics from outside our normal tech-filled lives. To learn more or to inquire about becoming a sponsor, contact