Digital Strategy, Vancouver, and the Next Five Years

by Todd

Last week we gratefully accepted an invitation to join a consultation group at City Hall. With others working on their own city-related digital projects for business, academia and personal interest, we discussed issues and ideas for city staff working on Vancouver’s digital strategy for the next five years.

It was a great night, with welcoming and friendly moderation by staff and enthusiasm from attendees. We’re excited by the staff’s engagement and interest in this process. They drank up input and spoke candidly about the challenges and opportunities that a city faces in a world of rapidly-moving technological change.

The consultation process advanced this week with the publication of ideas and comments from that session, and the launch of a forum that’s open to all. We’ve found volunteering time and expertise in this kind of effort pays off: you meet interesting people and help set a direction for how our city interacts with digital technology and the local tech industry.

The announcement and call for comments is shared below in full. If you’ve ever lamented a missed opportunity for digital tools to enhance civic life, is for you.

Announcement from the City

The City of Vancouver is developing a Digital Strategy that will outline both immediate and future areas of opportunity to enhance digital connections amongst citizens, employees, business, and government as well as strengthen Vancouver’s growing digital economy. Your ideas are needed!

Looking ahead 5 years, how are you connecting with your municipal government online? What infrastructure is in place? How is the digital economy being supported?

How you can help the City…

1) Prioritize ideas (can’t do them all!) by voting for the ones you agree with

2) Add new ideas that are not already mentioned

3) Talk about how to address typical challenges of your favourite ideas through your comments.

Share your thoughts today: