Urban Stream Launches

by Todd

Sustanable greens!

Last Friday was a milestone day for one of our first clients, Urban Stream. Complete with a front-page appearance on the Vancouver Sun, they formally launched the sustainable agriculture business they’ve been developing for over a year.

In their early days, we developed a small website powered by Jekyll and Dropbox folders and a single-page mobile web app for tracking tasks that they’ll be able to build on as their team and locations grow.

Nick gives the tour The launch happened at Luke’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, where a parking spot has been swapped for a modified shipping container. Inside the container is a demonstration of Urban Stream’s growing system, taking food waste from the restaurant that composts into nutrient-rich soil that then grows herbs and vegetables for the restaurant. It’s an amazing cycle that’s just getting started and points to a future of sustainable, high yield urban agriculture.

It’s really heartening to see Nick, Wes and the team they’ve built in Urban Stream find its footing and get recognition. With partners like Luke’s and community grants from Vancity, they’re on their way to taking a leading role in sustainability and transparency in the food system. We’re proud to have been working with them early on, and look forward to doing so again.