Introducing Megaphone Vendor Finder

by Todd

Today we’re launching a mobile web app that we designed and developed as a contribution to Vancouver’s superb street newspaper, Megaphone Magazine.

The Megaphone Vendor Finder gives a glimpse into the current issue, and helps interested readers find and recognize vendors in the neighbourhoods where they work and live. The short video to the right shows the app in use to give you an idea of how it works.

While small and focussed, the app makes interesting use of mapping technology, Google Docs, and the City of Vancouver’s open data, and performs at near-native speed on almost any modern smartphone.

We’ve open-sourced the code if you’d like to take a look at how we did it, and for the full story read the case study and Megaphone’s own press release, which is the start of a full on campaign to promote the app.

If you haven’t looked at Megaphone, it has some great writing and coverage of important local issues from voices that often aren’t heard. How can you find it? Take out your phone and go to