Introducing Quini for iPhone

by Todd

Quini for iPhone Home Screen

We’re opening a bottle of wine to celebrate today: Quini for iPhone is now available in the App Store!

Available in the App Store

Quini is a tasting journal that helps wine-lovers deepen their understanding and experience of wine. We’ve been working with the group behind Quini, Rachis Wine Assessment, since the early days of Denim & Steel, and in earnest since February to bring Quini to market.

Mouth Tasting Screen

The iPhone app is the first part of a 3-phase rollout, soon to be followed by an iPad app and website that brings both backend web services and a browser-based version of Quini’s unique tasting system.

Places Screen

The iPhone app works the strengths of a smartphone: a simplified version of the tasting system for capturing tasting notes on the go, a way to find places with good wine, and access to community reviews as well as your own tasting history and wishlist. As a tasting profile builds, Quini will be able to suggest new wines that both satisfy and expand your palette.

The video below shows how a Quini tasting works. But really, the best way to see it is with a glass of wine in hand. After one use, we think you’ll have noticed more, and be able to say more about what you’re tasting.

The full scope of Quini goes well beyond an iPhone app: it’s a story of wine’s complex taxonomy and culture, robust backend services, intensive interaction and visual design in a wholly custom interface, testing with over 100 people with all degrees of wine tasting experience, adapting to iOS7 mid-stream, and much more. We’ll be telling more of that story as the other pieces of the product roll out.