Introducing @heybuysell

by Todd

Hey Buy/Sell Logo

After a slow start, we have decided to pause @HeyBuySell. For an updated case please check out @HeyAvailableUK.

Since launching Available last year we’ve been pleased with the niche it’s found in the local tech and design community. People we meet often mention it positively, for both its very simple interaction model and the personality injected daily by Casey Leung, who manages the account.

Lately we had been wondering what else could be done that model, and if it could speak to a wider audience. The answer: a buy and sell board.

Today we’re launching Buy/Sell, a place to buy and sell anything with just a tweet. Built from the same code as Available, you can find the board at, and its counterpart Twitter account is @heybuysell.

As with Available, the watchwords here are fast and simple and done through Twitter, and Buy/Sell hits all those notes. As with Available, there are no accounts or authorizations, and only one post per person at a time. And it all happens with a tweet.

How It Works

To post something to sell you just tweet at @heybuysell with FS and whatever you’re selling. For things you want to buy, start with WTB. Removing a post is as simple as saying Remove. The board retweets everything posted to it, so follow @heybuysell to get some good deals, or unload stuff you no longer want to someone who’ll give it a good home.

There are some obvious refinements that we have in mind like hashtag clouds to suface popular items, but we want to see how it gets used before taking it further. If you have suggestions, let us know. And we know this is a weird brand: Buy/Sell is part of Available, the Twitter accounts don’t line up with the URLs, it’s all kind of crazy, but that’s experimental work for you.

We did this project to show how the patterns we defined for job posting in Available can extend to new domains, and because we love sharing new stuff. If you have an idea for using this technology, talk to us. And if you’d like to become a sponsor, we’re doing supporter slots for $100 for 3 months. That’s cheap advertising!

Take a look at, where there’s just Tylor for now willing to shell out $5 for a pack of Skittles, and follow @heybuysell to see what happens.