We Turn Two

by Todd

Two years of logos

If you’re one of the lucky people on our newsletter list, you know already that Denim & Steel turned 2 in October. By the time we realized that, it was too late to do a party, so instead we did some retrospective digging and took stock of what we’d been up to. By the numbers it looks like this:

Significant numbers

Our sweet spot is end to end product development, but sometimes we’re in supporting roles or updating existing works. The breakdown along the types of work we did looks like this:

Work Breakdown

Like any small business it’s ups and downs, wins and losses, but fuelled by inspiration and passion all the way. We’re thankful for many things, but the biggest thanks goes to our clients and friends who provide the support we need to keep doing good stuff. You folks are super premium-type people.

We’re rolling into our third year with a much stronger suite of skills and experience: where we previously handled UX design and build for web apps, we can now take on concept development, branding and visual design. Technically, we’ve expanded into Rails, Mongo, Reddis, and most importantly, iOS and Mac development.

Our technology love stack

There are exciting times ahead. When it comes to those ideas you’re looking to act on, or just to get some advice, our door is open and coffee is on us. Let’s talk about what we can do for you in year three!