Better Every Time Hits 1K

by Todd

Better Every Time Target

Late last month, just in time for New Years, we launched our first indie iOS app, Better Every Time. Yesterday we edged past a thousand downloads, and took some time to look at the analytics coming in so far.

We set up our analytics carefully so that we could gain insight into usage but without ever being able to determine individual identities. To that end, we see goal names and the dates of check-ins, but never the notes or photos that go with them or any other personally identifying information.

So far we’ve been trying to understand what kinds of things people set out to accomplish, and some interesting trends have started to emerge. We thoguht we’d take this chance to a) brag a bit about the milestone (hey at least we say it), and b) share some insights gathered so far.

Building Rituals

A big trend so far is the building of small rituals into life’s daily and weekly cycles. Many of these rituals seem less about self-improvement and more about creating quiet times in the day.

Changing Relationships with Others

The second big trend is to notice and journal positive behaviours with respect to others. People are setting up journeys around the way they manage and express emotions, and often state specific relationships affected by the change they’re trying to make.

Changing a Negative Habit

The last big trend so far moving away from a negative habit or behaviour. This overlaps a bit with the second trend, but it’s been surprising to us how many people state a goal as something not to do.

It’s too early to have clear patterns around follow-through on goals and how often or at what point people slip off their journey. It’ll take time for that picture to take shape, but it’s exciting to see what’s happening so far.

Maybe the most interesting overall trend is that the goals we’ve seen so far are pretty virtuous. We don’t see anything about making more money, acquiring a thing, stuff like that. In little ways, we simply see people wanting to bring something good into the world. It’s heartening, and something to be proud of in our early audience.


Have you tried Better Every Time? It’s free on the App Store right now, and we just updated to 1.1.