Product is a Relationship

by Todd

With all our clients and our own projects we emphasize the sense of coherence and completeness as the spark of life that turns a business or technological innovation into a product.

Getting into that mindset isn’t always easy, especially for specialists with eyes on the details. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it seems good to talk about how a product is a relationship, made up of many factors that can be easy to understand, but sometimes hard to live up to.

It’s about showing up.

It’s about remembering the little things, and doing them well.

It’s about trust, and living up to that trust.

It’s about how you respond when things go wrong.

It’s about how you talk.

It’s about how you listen.

It’s about noticing problems and fixing them quietly.

It’s about letting someone know they’re important to you.

It’s about how you look, how you carry yourself.

It’s about making someone look good for being with you.

It’s about understanding that things change, and rolling with the changes.

It’s about saying goodbye gracefully if things don’t work out.

It’s about being so good to someone they wonder how they got by without you.

Thinking this way makes all the difference. It turns browsers into buyers, users into customers, and critics into advocates.

Your product is never just the brand or just the tech or just the business model. Those are the ways that people recognize you for what you are, and the way that you deliver the change you’re trying to make, the value. Instead it’s all of these things, in motion, and over time.