Introducing Denim & Steel Office Hours

by Todd

What can happen in just an hour of conversation? We’ve found that the answer is: a lot!

Getting together with people for a coffee or a beer doesn’t always lead to new projects, but it’s a chance to lend some guidance on getting around obstacles or just a step further down the road of making an idea a reality.

To make those conversations easier to have, we’ve started running Denim & Steel Office Hours. Twice a month we’re opening one-hour slots for people to stop by and have a chat. Not in Vancouver? That’s ok, we can meet up over Skype. It’s a great chance to get some free advice, or just to bang around some ideas.

This month we’ll be hosting on May 14 and May 28 (both Wednesdays), from 4-6PM. Choose a day and book your time.

Finding out about future months is easy: subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Substantiator, and you’ll see upcoming days for each month. The subscription form is close at hand, just at the bottom of this page.