Website Refresh 2014

by Todd

The Denim & Steel website has always been on the plain-spoken side. But every so often its age starts to show, and we make updates to bring it in line with how far we’ve come, and where we’re heading. With that in mind, we enlisted the help of graphic designer Sam Dal Monte and put our heads down to rethink how we greet the world.

Job 1: Show, but don’t show off

We have a simple rule about our site: don’t upstage our clients. That is, we don’t make a website for ourselves that outshines anything we do for the people who hire us. Our job is to make something and let them shine.

So every new effect was carefully considered by that criteria. In the end the case studies received the biggest boost, giving greater presence to our clients while showing more expansively what we can do for them.

Warm it up

We’re pretty friendly people who are passionate about the things we work on. But our older design’s stoic colour scheme and reserved type belied that personality, so we gave Sam license to touch everything except our signature Chaparral Pro. He used Bernina to round our our wordmark and our body text font.

The most visual change on the homepage, the yellow marker tagline, is in FF Market. The quirky and energetic touch that it brings sets a new tone for the site. There’s even an easter egg if you click it and start typing.

We also diminished the size of our wordmark significantly. This came out of a serious discussion about the need to say what D&S is about, rather than just that it is. We have a clear philosophy about digital and we walk that talk. It was time to articulate that more directly rather than shouting our name.

Service re-jig

A few months ago we modified our services and redeisgned the page that described them. This round, we took a fresh look at how those services were understood by people, and decided to reduce the number from five to three, structuring them more around key phases in new product development rather than specific deliverables.


Version two (2012-mid 2014)

Our first homepage

Version one (2011-2012)

Our first homepage

Back to work

That’s it for a while. We’re really happy with what this refresh says about the work we’re doing, and hope to do more of. We hope you like it too, so if you see something that could be better, you know where to find us.