Demo Nite

by Todd

Being in a creative industry, we often run into people with some kind of interesting project on the go. Sometimes it’s their day job, others it’s an evenings-and-weekends sort of thing. Almost every time, we end up urging those people to get their work in front of other people. They often reply with “Sure, but where would I do that?”.

Good question. Vancouver has a number of places for startups to demo their works, but the events are often focussed on the business of software. So a few months ago we started talking about creating a new forum for Vancouver creatives, across software, hardware, and other mediums outside of digital tech.

In that spirit, we’re launching Demo Nite, aiming to provide a stage for fledgling creative works to be seen, and another chance for people across communities to mingle and see some of what’s happening in our city.

Mobify has stepped up with venue sponsorship, making generous use of their beautiful new Yaletown space.

We’ll have quality refreshments from Main St. Brewing and non-alcoholic drinks, and the tone is casual and supportive. We’re pre-booking presenters (four x about 15-20mins each), but will be experimenting with voting rounds, themes, and other fun stuff in future editions.

Edition 1: The Story Behind the Design

It seemed apt to kick things off during Vancouver Design Week, since there’s always some aspect of design to creative works. As such, we’re looking for presenters to not only demo their works, but to tell us the story behind the design: what motivated the work, how did the idea evolve, what change are they looking to make in the world?

Our presenters will be:

Haig Armen

Haig will be demoing Mineblock, a portable private Minecraft server.

Steven Enns

Steven will be demoing The Transfold Bag, a knapsack with origami-style expansion and contraction properties.

Tris Hussey

Tris and possibly others from Nugg will demo some of the newest features of their tool for helping teams work better.

Carol Ann McDevitt

Carol will be showing the software tools she’s using to build a new business, Citizen Science Trips.

Sean Braacx

Sean will be talking about his startup, Whys Learning, a website he’s designed to teach children better social skills.


Demo Nite Edition 1 is generously supported by these great folks:


Tickets are on sale now at very low costs, and paid tickets include a beer. Get in there and see some cool stuff being made in your city!