Open-sourcing The Megaphone App

by Todd

Brief: Our work on The Megaphone App’s mobile apps and server is now open source, meaning other street newspapers and not-for-profit organizations around the world can adapt it to make their own cashless payment solution.

Since releasing The Megaphone App in September, we’ve had the satisfaction of seeing several hundred people use it to pay Megaphone vendors several thousand dollars in sales they might have otherwise not made when readers weren’t carrying cash.

But from the start of the project, there’s another moment we’ve been waiting to make happen, and now it’s here: app and server code are now available as open source projects under the Non-Profit Open Source License 3.0.

We’re proud of Megaphone for agreeing to take this step with us. Open sourcing this work will act as a multiplier of the return on Central City Foundation’s visionary financial support, and help vendors around the world build a livlihood with dignity.

For the technically-minded, the codebase is split into a server repo and app repo. Intermediate to senior-level experience with Cordova & Ember apps is required, as well as Ruby on Rails for the server.

Customization questions and service inquiries can be sent to