We help artistic, cultural, and civic organizations use apps and websites to solve problems, explore new territory, and get their ideas built.

Our services address the key stages in making something new or updating and maintaining an existing app or website. Not sure what to ask for? Let us know what's on your mind. We'll do our best to help.

Concept & Strategy Development

Research, ideation, and roadmap planning for an achievable future.

Ongoing Improvement

Design and development resources on hand for month to month maintenance and improvement.

New Development

Creative design and engineering for apps and websites.


Concept & Strategy Development

Timeline: 4–12 weeks

A thought-out digital plan fills in critical blanks: audience, technology options, risks, revenue potential, key features, and everything else that makes up a sound strategy. It's no surprise most ideas don't get past this stage without some help.

Our involvement starts with a short analysis for viability and major red flags. If it looks good, we go further with research, workshops, and concept design sessions. We then present our findings and recommendations, backed up by web-based documentation and optionally with interactive prototypes to demonstrate key features.

The result is a sense of confidence in the direction of your digital investment with lower risk and greater clarity, whether it’s for the next project or the next three years.

Ongoing Improvement

Timeline: month to month

Too often, technology is created and then left alone. The reality is that perhaps the most important public-facing assets need care and attention over time. For less than the cost of a single full time developer, you can enlist expert level strategic guidance, design, and technical support year round. An ongoing improvement plan will extend the life of your investment, and avoid the buildup of costly technical debt.

New Development

Timeline: variable

From MVPs to a launchable version-one to updating an older offering, this is where new apps and websites get built. It’s exciting stuff but not always easy; there are challenges, opportunities, and decisions to face. We meet every one with a combination of strategy, design, and engineering expertise. That blend is actually a big part of our secret sauce.

We work comprehensively: UX and interface design, coding and integration, usability and stress testing. Along the way we stay tight with other stakeholders, like content development and marketing, and bring it all together brilliantly. After launch we keep an eye on things with monitoring tools and follow up when you need us.

With a rigorous but friendly project management regime, we keep high standards for looks, performance, and reliability. But the result is really more than just an app or a website: it's a whole product that delights and connects with its audience.

How we work

Let's be honest: you can find design and technical skills everywhere. What makes the difference is how those skills come together, the passion behind them, and the professional standards in place. We're recognized for all of this, and when you work with us you can expect certain things:

Zero lock-in

We believe a digital partner shouldn't come with a set of handcuffs. We build with non-proprietary tools, hand off documentation, code, and visual assets in a coherent way, and ensure that all accounts are in your name before our work is done. Optionally, we can help hire and/or train up a team to maintain and grow what we build. That way, we're only working together because you want to, not because you feel you need to.

Let's get started

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