Fast, beautiful maps

Fast, beautiful maps

Tylor Sherman - PolyglotConf
Vancouver - May 26, 2012

Why are we talking about maps?

They're old...

Hereford Mappa Mundi c 1300

We use them all the time...

They're contextual...

But look, a lot of digital maps

rely on Google.

However, that's changing.

Apple iPhoto for iOS



"We love the idea of supporting open data through OpenStreetMap, and MapBox gives us greater flexibility on tile design for custom maps."

Foursquare is joining the OpenStreetMap movement! Say hi to pretty new maps!

"NYC real estate site to save $250,000 by switching from Google Maps to MapBox + OpenStreetMap"

StreetEasy Makes the Switch to MapBox from Google

OpenStreetMap for data...

...and MapBox.

TileMill studio

Carto styling language

MBTiles spec

modestmaps.js interaction library

Wax connector

Mapnik renderer hosting

Built on standards and open source.

Let's make a map!

Download TileMill.

Download some data.

Load it up and take a look.

I'm not a great visual designer... Colorbrewer!

Style it.

Then add some roads and a better coastline. OpenStreetMap Metro Extracts (for coastline) or CloudMade extracts (for roads)

Can also make it interactive.

Our layers and style.

Our finished map.

Lots to share. Let's discuss.