Global Mechanic Media

asked us to find a better way to share digital assets between directors, animators and game developers.

Where We Started

Global Mechanic Media has a high throughput of media files that serve both sales and production purposes. We were tasked with creating a better way to manage and organize content for both needs.

What We Did

Our research found several pain points in the existing process: uploading and transfer of assets, adding metadata, and managing the sharing of work between team members. We designed and built a suite of three integrated products that not only managed the media files, but also the workflow of the production process:

Reel Builder, for sales staff to build and share work samples from a database of over 700 clips.

Asset Manager, for production teams to manage media files and coordinate workflow between animators both on and off-site.

Work In Progress, to create media pages on the fly for presenting and discussing in-progress projects with clients.

The Results

The new tool suite has earned its place as a critical component of GMM’s sales, animation, and client-relationship workflow. Working under high-pressure deadlines across a team of 40+ people, GMM was able to deliver a year-long project on time with the help of the integrated custom applications we built for them.

Services Used



Project Snapshots

Reel Builder sketches

Asset Manager interface sketches.

Reel Builder grid

The clip grid in Reel Builder.

Asset Manager drag and drop

Drag and drop anywhere uploading. We're showing test material here as the first production to use Asset Manager is still under wraps.

WIP upload

Uploading works in progress.

WIP page

A Work In Progress page.

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