Elevator Strategy

set out to mark 25 years in business with a brand new web presence. We set out to re-introduce an enduring, talented agency to its audience.

Where We Started

Elevator wanted to redefine their web presence in a way that reflected their energetic, friendly, and capable sensibility. It didn’t take much digging to find a history of winning campaigns and a team that fully believes in their mission.

What We Did

We created a site that told Elevator’s story in a layered textual and visual experience. Doing so conveyed their mastery of all the mediums they work in. Needless to say, that put a high priority on working flawlessly on every device. But beyond media and tech, the site had to show them as the people we found: experts who are really on their clients’ side.

The Results

The agency soft-launched the new site in a newsletter to over 300 of colleagues and clients, and received resoundingly positive feedback on the redesign. Since relaunching, Elevator sees the site as a key step in bringing new clients to the table.

We’ve been excited by how well the content structure worked for them, seeing regular writings from the entire team. They didn’t just get a website, they stepped into it like a well-fitted suit, and they’re owning it.

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Services Used



Project Snapshots

The Elevator work pages

Elevator’s selected case studies, their best from 25 years in business.

Elevator home page

The Elevator homepage, a full-page video that we directed to fit the site’s feel.

Team page

The interactive team page, with bios for every person.

The Contact page works in some of founder Bob Stamnes’ personal style.

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